Exploring engagement options with Scripture-Engagement.org

Even before Scripture resources have been produced and published in a language, our hope and prayer is that they will be used, and are a blessing to individuals and language communities. Ideally thinking about issues of Scripture Engagement takes place throughout a translation program.

Get inspired with Scripture-Engagement.org

Scripture-Engagement.org is a site featuring hundreds of resources and articles about helping people engage with the Bible in the thousands of languages used around the world.

Bible Brain can power your Scripture

Bible Brain is a platform that offers developers easy access to Scripture and other related data in almost 1,900 languages, that can then be used to create Scripture development applications.

If you’re a developer wanting to develop Scripture engagement applications, the Bible Brain API could be just what you’re looking for.

Share the JESUS Film in over 2,000 languages

The JESUS Film and related videos have been produced in thousands of languages by The Jesus Film Project and their partners.

The Jesus Film Project app contains all these videos and more. Everything on the app is free to watch, download, and share with anyone you meet, wherever you meet them.

What opportunities exist for advanced technology?

With all the Scripture and related materials available today, and increasing every year, there is potential for advanced technologies to take text, audio and video to create an immersive Scripture experience in thousands of language. These technologies could also align the materials across multiple formats and languages, so the user can feel at home whatever their preferred media or language.