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Technology that helped Scripture Engagement before smart phones

The latest technology can help in translating the Bible and in helping people engage with scripture. Older technology was once the latest. Looking back can help us appreciate the past and see new possibilities for the future.

Exploring engagement options with Scripture-Engagement.org

Once Scripture resources have been produced and published in a language, our hope and prayer is that they are used, and are a blessing to individuals and language communities. Get inspired with Scripture-Engagement.org Scripture-Engagement.org is a site featuring hundreds of resources for engaging with the Bible in the thousands of languages used around the world.

Translation Team Discovers Incomplete Verse Just Before Publishing with the Help of AQuA

AQuA (Augmented Quality Assessment) is a quality checking co-pilot for translators and consultants designed by some of SIL’s AI team. AQuA’s assessments help them identify potential areas for revision in their translation drafts faster and more thoroughly. AQuA assessments include heat maps designed to help translators and consultants quickly identify verses and chapters which may […]

Playbook: How computer tools can help Bible translators

Computers tools are wonderful, but they are, just that, tools. A computer will never be able to translate the Bible for you. This is unique work that requires a team of people! However, computer tools can assist you in the work of Bible translation. Below, we provide a quick overview of how technology can help […]

Dig into Greek and Hebrew with MACULA and MARBLE

Whether you are translating into a written, oral or sign language, understanding the biblical source text is a vital first step. There are many resources within translation drafting programs like Paratext, translationCore and Autographa which can help the translator to explore the text and the world within which it was written. In addition, you may […]

Creating a Bible app with Scripture App Builder

Once a translation has been checked by the key experts and stakeholders, it is ready to be published! This could be in a variety of formats, from printed text to digital text, audio, video, or any combination of these.  While it’s important to get expert and stakeholder approval before publishing a translation, digital publication options […]

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