Official Challenges catalyze innovation on open problems, gaps, or opportunities in Bible translation where technology development and adoption can increase the quality and pace of BT efforts.

Challenges are often time-limited hackathon events where participants gather, either remotely or in person, for rapid R&D sprints towards a goal or solution.  Other challenges are competitions with a submission deadline in which teams or individuals work together to come up with their best solution for a chance to claim top rank on an official leaderboard.

Participating is easy, fun, and rewarding. Find an active Challenge below and sign up today!

Hackathon: AI Language Models in Bible Translation

In partnership with SIL International and Microsoft, is launching an official Challenge to explore the innovative use of AI Language Models in Bible Translation. This Challenge will occur as part of the Microsoft Global Hackathon, Sept 11-15th, and will be fully remote. For one week, invited members of the SIL and communities will […]

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