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Open.Bible is the homebase for the radical movement of making the Bible freely available for the world. Open.Bible continually scans the Digital Bible Library looking for Open Access, Creative Commons text, audio and video Bibles. It then makes those freely available to anyone.

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Hello... You are an invaluable blessing in our time and generation. Currently listening to Psalms in my native language, Kikuyu and I am beyond words, thank you. I would like to volunteer to read the kikuyu Bible. Your organization and I share a passion for God's word. I am a Kenyan lady fluent in E

Wangari Mwangi

Really grateful. What an impact to the Kingdom. Have looked for it for years. None of the shops have it in Kenya. Had a problem getting it in Amazon. God bless the work of your hands.

Peter Macharia

Hi there, I work for an organisation called Christian Vision ( We are currently working on an automated WhatsApp bible to distribute in Northern Nigeria amongst the Hausa.

Jaimee Coetzee

Additional Description

The goal is to furnish the Church Centric Bible Translation movement with high quality Bibles they can adapt to the needs of their communities. It is not limited to that, however. Our visitors are also downloading these Bibles for personal use, redistribution, even playing in their taxi cabs.

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  4. Leave feedback. We would love to know how you are planning to use these Bibles.