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Chameleon is a motion capture technology that can change the way that we present Scripture to Deaf communities. The Chameleon technology captures the movements of a person signing Scripture and converts their appearance to an avatar.

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"Even with the Bible, we're still the last people to know. I'm very excited that we have the ability for deaf people to get this, what they need, now that we're making all these translations happening."

Stuart Thiessen, Deaf Bible Society

Additional Description

Chameleon is an exciting software program that uses artificial intelligence and motion capture technology in sign language Bible translation and is used by Wycliffe in collaboration with partner organizations Deaf Bible Society, Deaf Mission, Pioneer Bible Translators and Wycliffe Australia.

In Deaf Scripture videos, actors are filmed signing passages, which makes this method dangerous in areas where Christians are persecuted. But God is using technology to make the impossible possible. Just like real chameleons change their appearance, Chameleon allows sign language translators to alter their appearances to communicate God’s Word. A real person signs, Chameleon captures their movements and then it converts their appearance.

Besides protecting translators, Chameleon is making it possible for God’s Word to reach more and more Deaf people. One missionary said they’re grateful this product is bringing the gospel to places where it’s unsafe to film signed Bible translation.