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Paratext was created for Bible translators by Bible translators. Specifically developed for translating the Bible into any written language, Paratext enables consistent and accurate translation, based on original texts, and modeled after quality translations in other languages.

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When I showed the Finongan team Enhanced Resources in Paratext 9, they were in awe. They cannot understand why anyone would not want to use Paratext 9.​

Chris R, Translation Advisor - Papua New Guinea​

The powerful tools in Paratext significantly increase the quality and speed of our translation work. Praise God for this wonderful program and for all those who invest in developing and supporting it!

Troy M, Translation Consultant

This is awesome! We’re very very grateful for Paratext. We know it’s going to save us years of our life and in our translation!​

Tim S, Translation Advisor - Mexico

Additional Description

From studying and drafting, through checking and revising, and on to publication, Paratext supports translating God’s Word into the heart languages of people everywhere.

Bible translators need access to the best resource texts in as many languages as possible.

Paratext promotes an ethos of sharing within the Bible translation community, inviting publishers to give their translations back to other translators.

This collection of resources continues to grow, containing model texts in over 1,270 different languages.

Translate into any language

Paratext can be used to translate the Bible into any language, using any writing system,
no matter the complexity. Paratext is powerful enough to display and translate any language of the world, including right-to-left and complex scripts. You can find a few examples below, the possibilities are virtually endless!

Project Sharing

Using Project Sharing in Paratext, translation team members are empowered
to collaborate and continue their ongoing contributions to the translation project, even from remote locations. Project sharing (also called Send/Receive) allows for the seamless synchronization of translation projects between multiple team members, whether they are working side-by-side in the village or remotely in different countries.

Translation Resources and Enhanced Resources

Paratext offers a large collection of translation resources (Bibles, handbooks, and other resources) from the Digital Bible Library for vetted translators!

Enhanced Resources are Bible translations that contain links to key terms and phrases in the original Greek or Hebrew text. These key terms link to dictionaries, encyclopedia articles, images, and media that provide information about the language, culture, or other aspects of the text. Enhanced Resources currently exist for English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Tok Pisin, and more languages are being added.

Translation Notes and Comments

Send reminders, comments, or questions to other members of your team so you can work together
more effectively. Translation Notes (also called Project Notes) record reminders, comments, questions, and answers which relate to a translation over the course of the project. These notes are usually discussions between team members such as consultants and translators. Notes can be attached to a specific words or phrases in the text, can be assigned to specific project members, and tracked by status (resolved or unresolved). Unlike footnotes, project notes are not included in the published translation.

Key Biblical Terms, Spell Check, and Word Lists

The Biblical Terms tool helps translate key biblical terms like salvation, sanctification, and redemption accurately and consistently throughout the whole Bible.

The Wordlist tool is used to create a custom dictionary for all of the words in your translation text. This dictionary helps ensure spelling is consistent and accurate for the whole translation project. It can help you to more accurately and efficiently identify words which are most likely misspelled, as well as perform a variety of other word level or orthography checks.

Checking Tools

Paratext checking tools find missing or invalid chapter/verse numbers, characters, punctuation, quotations, scripture references, and much more! Paratext’s checking tools quickly identify many types of problems in the translated text, flagging them so that translators can locate and fix them before publishing.

Custom Interlinear Texts

Use the power of Paratext to create a customized interlinear text between any two languages. The custom interlinear tool (also called the Project Interlinearizer) displays the translation text for the current verse, together with glosses in another language. Paratext uses its understanding of Scripture and language structure to create a statistically-guessed gloss, and learns as the translator glosses more and more text.

Source Language Tools

Use the powerful Source Language Tools to analyze and study Greek and Hebrew texts, interlinears, lexicons, and dictionaries. The Source Language Tool (SLT) window provides a way of working with the Hebrew and Greek source language texts alongside other text windows. You can easily view a source language text along with an interlinear gloss and an interlinear morphological analysis of the words.