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Rev79 is a tool to support good stewardship and collaboration in the BT and LD movements. Rev79 improves project management by facilitating the planning, implementing, and tracking of goals towards desired outcomes, while improving visibility across the organization or network. Rev79 enables strategic collaboration towards V2025 and AA2033 goals by creating a secure data sharing environment to support collaborative networks and conversations.

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Rev79 has helped us make SMART goals and clarify what we want to measure in terms of impact. The real beneficiaries are the implementers because it helps us to achieve our strategic objectives and plan and monitor not only our translation goals but also our church engagement goals.

- African leader in Kenya

Additional Description

Rev79 is a globally accessible real time project management app that integrates high level strategic planning of collaborative networks and agencies, with programme implementation by national organisations, for the purpose of achieving translation and integral mission at the pace and scale needed for the 2033 All Access goals.

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