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An analytics service that partners with Great Commission organizations to illuminate the Scripture gap in a way that inspires informed action to meet local language needs.

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ProgressBible brings together data that is vast and complex and makes sense of it!

In 2015 leaders from ETEN, SIL, Wycliffe Global Alliance, and United Bible Societies birthed the vision for ProgressBible.  In 2016 ProgressBible built its first information service, and in 2017, its first Data Contributor agreement was signed. Since then ProgressBible has partnered with many additional organizations to provide information services with the purpose of informing ministry decision-makers and equipping communicators in the Great Commission.


Authoritative source of information regarding status of Bible Translation, including: current work being done, remaining needs, and Scripture completed.


Facilitate partnership among agencies and help eliminate duplication of efforts.


Data is updated monthly to have the most up-to-date information.


Consistently provide dependable information in an easy to use format.

ProgressBible Grant Request

Our mission is to inspire informed action and to seek first the kingdom of God.  We desire to empower Christians to eradicate Bible poverty and never want finances to be a barrier to access.

ProgressBible normally charges for dashboard accounts to help cover the cost of providing them, but we offer the grant program to make the information more widely available.

Grants are applicable for 12 months and can be reapplied for at the end of 1 year.

Apply today!