Drafting & Editing

Audio Project Manager

Audio Project Manager is a web or desktop application that simplifies the management speech audio files, providing solutions for oral Bible translation, oral drafting, storying and general transcription projects.

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Thank you guys for your hard work on this. Transcriber has become an integral part of our process. Being web based and able to coordinate between machines/users from a distance has greatly improved our workflow.

Chase Reynolds, Wycliffe Bible Translators

Additional Description

If you are working on an audio Bible translation you may have hundreds of audio files that you are struggling to keep track of, relating to different parts of Scripture, in various stages of revision and testing. How do you keep them organized, and coordinate the various users efficiently?

Audio Project Manager was created to assist you in organizing and tracking files at various stages of translation, checking and revision, so that you can focus on creating a quality finished product.

Flexible audio-text hybrid

Audio Project Manager provides a flexible tool for those using orality with a customizable workflow, internalization resources that are audio or display oriented, threaded discussions, community checking, and back translation tools. The goal is to provide a hybrid audio-text solution allowing those doing the work to choose oral only or a mixture of oral and text contributions.

Work as a team

Audio Project Manager’s simple design works even for those without extensive computer experience. The Administrator uses the web admin tools to setup the project and assign the work if desired. Audio work can be done online with the web app or offline with the Desktop application.

Send to Paratext

Audio Project Manager features sending transcriptions directly to Paratext. Audio Project Manager keeps track of the book, chapter and verse ranges. On the web app, this will be sent to the Paratext repo so each Paratext user can sync to their device. The Desktop Extension syncs to the Paratext installation on the local machine so it will work without an Internet connection.