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Sign Language Translation Tool

If you are working on a Bible translation into a sign language, Sign Language Translation Tool is here to help! It is a full-featured web application that enables you to organize your videos, share them with team members and consultants, and oversee the status up until publication.

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Additional Description

Sign Language Translation Tool will assist you to:

  • Organize and distribute project videos to team and consultants
  • Share video or written notes between team and consultants
  • Notify team when new videos or notes become available
  • Fix mistakes in draft videos by patching small segments (so you don’t have to re-record and re-check the entire video!)
  • View resources:
    • Other sign language translations
    • Biblical images
    • Key Biblical signs used in your project
  • Create sign by sign glosses and free translations for segments to assist consultant checking
  • Administer who is allowed to view the project and what actions they can do
  • Track project task status and progress
  • Assist final editing by flowing verse number and label information into Final Cut Pro